Contestants must be between 21 and 54 years old.
Contestant must be married and give proof of marriage certificate.
Contestant must not be convicted of any felony or crime.
Contestant must have a valid Passport.
Contestant agrees to do the following at no cost to the organizers if chosen as a nationall finalist:
Participate in the National Competition
Own transport to competition and back.
Participate in the "Dream building Intervention" to the value of R2500 per provincial finalist. ( This is presented by Neurologix)
Participate in the national project chosen for each year. .
All finalists will have to sign an acceptance letter with all the rules and regulations that is applicable.
Finalists will have to sign a acceptance letter with all the rules and regulations that is applicable to a finalist.
If a provincial - or national finalist chose not to be part of the competition any more the organizers hold the right to choose another contestant in their place.
The winner  or nominated representative ( at the organizers discretion)must be available to compete in the International competition and have a valid passport and visa. The passport and visa costs will be for the winners own account.  Return flight tickets for the winner only, not her husband or family will be booked and paid for by the Mrs UN SA Office. The winners entry fee will be paid by the organizers which includes her  accommodation, food and drinks, should she share with another international delegate. If she chooses to stay with her husband the accommodation , food and drinks, will be for her own account and booked by the winner herself. If she chooses to arrive prior to the start of the pageant or stay longer than the specific pageant dates all the extra nights costs are for her account and the booking there of at the allocated hotel. Pocket money is for her own account. Any photo shoots, photo orders, extra excursions offered by the hotel, watersports, make-up and hair or any room service, will be for the winners own account and is not included in the entry fee paid by the Mrs UN SA Office.

Contestant was never and will not if she wins the title be involved in any pornography, via photos or videos or prostitution or any other form of employment where nudity semi - or complete is involved.
Contestant will be subject to an entry and or sponsorship fee ( R7 500) that will be part of the practical skills judging during interviews. She will also have to sell a half page add (R5000) in the National Booklet of Mrs UN SA.
Judges decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into. There will also not be entered into correspondence after the competition for the specific year has ended with any finalist.
No prizes are transferable for cash
If a contestant relinquishes, for any reason, any title given to her, all prizes must be returned in the condition received.
Contestant acknowledges the fact that this is a Christian based competition.
The provincial winners and national winner agrees that their/her photograph and profile can be used for any promotional uses at no cost to the organizers.
The winner agrees to be available to the main sponsors for any events at no cost to the organizers or sponsors. The winner also agrees to not be part of any other pageant system during her reign or two years after that. She will not promote, be part of or represent another pageant system in her reign or two years after that. This is a conflict of interest to Mrs UN SA.

18  Our national and provincial winners may not compete in any other competition nationally or internationally during their year of reign. This is also stipulated in the acceptance letter.

19.  The winner will have to be at as many of the finalists functions or  projects
       and also organise at least 2 or 3 three charity functions of her 
       own in her year of reign. 
20.  The winner may not in any way become part of any organization or
       business that is in conflict or is a conflict of interest to Mrs UN SA. She
       may not use Mrs UN SA's sponsors or contacts or delegates or directors
       nationally or internationally to build her own conflicting
       brand/business/organization. Such action will result in her losing her title.
21.  The winner will be a person of high moral values, act with integrity in all
       situations and at all times and adhere to the written and unwritten ethics
       of the national and international pageant at all times. If not complying to
       any one of these rules she will be stripped from her title with immediate

These rules and regulations are subject to modifications, as needed, without prior notice. Mrs UN SA Organizers reserves the right to make said modifications at its sole discretion.
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