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Zantie Swanepoel is a true South African, born and raised in the farm community of Putfontein, Gauteng. On July 14, 2001 she was crowned Mrs United Nation International 2001 fulfilling one of her many long life dreams.


Zantie was awarded the Directorship of the Mrs United Nation South Africa competition in 2004 after proving to be a worthy ambassador for woman not only in her country but also internationally..


Zantie is a National Spokeswoman for babies born in South African Prisons. She is also founder of the Babies Behind Bars Project which was launched in the year 2000. .


Zantie is a Public Speaker and Presenter and was invited to Hollywood and Los Angeles twice to co-present the International competition. .



Zantie is the loving wife of Louwerens Swanepoel an Olimpic Athlete. She is also the mother of four beautiful daughters Nikita, Sevannah, Abygail and Dakota. In everything she does her husband and children take first priority. .


Zantie believes that this competition can change the lives of many women in South Africa. It also gives the winner a platform by which she can add value to the lives of others. .


Zantie's motto: "Changing the world, one soul at a time...".


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