Mrs United Nation is selected on her inner qualities, not what she does, who her husband is, or who she knows. She is a real person who truly cares about others. She is not only attractive on the outside but beautiful on the inside, as well.

Mrs United Nation is judged on interview, where independent judges ask questions to determine her view on family, the world and how she can make a difference if she wins. She must be physically fit, but taking pride in ones body is more important than actual shape. Mrs United Nation finalists compete in tennis wear. This attire was selected because it does noit exploit the contestant or make her feel uncomfortable in front of a large group of people.Evening wear is the last area of the competition. This highlights poise and grace and finishes the competition with elegance and style.

Mrs United Nation
selects her own platform, which is a spesific cause or group she plans to futher during her reign. She will not only work in her community but will travel all over the country to make appearances.

Mrs United Nation must put her family firts , because if she doesn't she is really not a "Mrs" at all.

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