The ESSENCE of Mrs UN South Africa:

Mrs UN South Africa is designed for "REAL" women with a passion to add value to other peoples lives. 
Each contestant competes in the Interview , Tennis Wear, Evening Gown and Community Service Competition (contestants can already be involved with community work, but it is not compulsory to enter the competition - as long as they have a plan or a project they would like to further should they be the winner or a finalist) 
Husbands are part of the show by escorting their wives in the evening gown competition.


The main purpose of this competition is to showcase the woman of South Africa. Specifically, to show that they can manage a family, have a career, support their community, and have a successful marriage all at the same time. Mrs United Nation SA is a woman who can do it all with elegance and grace!

Mrs United Nation is someone who does not change after she wins the title. She is a winner before she ever wears the crown. People enjoy just being around her , and their lives are touched forever by her humility and charm.

Mrs united Nation must have the genuine support of her family and friends. Without support, love and respect, a winner cannot live up to the ideals established for this competition. Different from a" Miss" competition the winner of this title is not selected as an individual. She is judged and selected based on her family values and established family support and love.

Mrs United Nation
is overwhelmed and thrilled upon first being crowned the winner. However, she soon grows to appreciate the honour and responsibility placed upon her. She is a spokeswoman, role model, and a recognized leader for married woman all over the country and world.




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for only R2000. Help us pay it forward and make a difference! 

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